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The power of"SELF STUDY"

There was a time when teaching was one way process and teachers were teaching extensively. At that time syllabus was limited but even then it was very difficult to gain just 60% (First Div.). Now the pattern is totally changed and “self study” is the only method, that is, there is no short cut. Maximum time should be given to students for “self study”. Instead of solving the question directly the teacher should motivate the student to solve the question. Teachers role is confined to clarify student’s doubt and motivate the students to face the question boldly.

SSG-Junior Wing(VI,VII,IX & X)

To make the students exposed from the very beginning, we run the foundation classes for VII, VIII, IX & X. Although we cover the very fundamentals according to CBSE syllabus but we don’t stop only to school level, rather a bit difficult questions are also given to the students. VII & VIII class students are guided for NTSE Exam. In addition, triweekly test (TWT) will be held as usual.
15 Days Summer Vacation from lst-l5th June for Junior Wing

SSG-Senior Wing(XI,XII & XII-Pass)

To give more time for “self study” the time- table of class room teaching is designed after thorough research. Only three days a week with four hours (two hours for one subject) teaching duration methodology has been adapted. In each lecture focus is given for concept clearance. Daily practice paper(DPP) is given from thetopics covered till date.

  • Regular triweekly test(TWT) are conducted atthe end of every 21 Days. Schedule of TWT will be provided alongwith class time-table in the beginning of the session. First TWT will be held probably at the end of May 2016.
  • Marks of TWT wiII be communicated to the parents/guardians through SMS & Mail.
  • TWT and all class rooms teaching are monitored through close - circuit T.V. Hence all activities of the students are continuously watched and recorded.

Batch Reshuffling

To promote the feeling of competition, different batches for every class are designed on the basis of merit/tests. After every tnweekly test (TWT) group reshuffling will take place.

Class Room Teaching

All the queries/doubts of the students are answered in class itself, even then if any student desires he/she can clarify the doubts after the class is over.
Total syllabus of all subjects are arranged in a scientific and systematic way so that no topic is left uncovered. In class XII we cover whole llT-JEE/PMT Syllabus. Not only this but even in class Xl maximum portions of llT-JEE/PMT are covered. Hence those students who study in class XI & XII both at SSG feel more competent. SSG assumes that low level CBSE Board questions are handled by students themselves.

Summer Camp

When other institutes keep their classes off during summer vacations, SSG utilizes this precious time by conducting rigorous self study summer camp. Subject schedule is as usual but duration will be 5 hours daily (8AM -1PM).

Doubt Clearance Cell

Teachers for each subject would be available for doubt clearance in extra time so that students can get guidance even after class room teaching. It is always advised to the students that they should show the "workings" on the doubtful questions.
Students may also submit doubtful questions in writing at the doubt clearance counter so that they can get the solution next day.

OMR Evalution

Short time range question paper at the end of the lecture in the class as well as full-fledged question paper for IIT-JEE/ AIEEE / PMT as TWT are evaluated by OMR Machine and the result is displayed within half an hour after the exam. Be sure to fill up ovals properly and correctly with black coloured pen or dark black pencils of B4, B6 etc. grade. The marks will be mailed immediately to the parents through SMS & Mail. So, please ensure that you are providing your mobile phone no in your application form.

Invited Lectures

Professors of different universities are invited to deliver lecture to motivate the students. Occasionally IlT-JEE qualified students of SSG itself come to SSG - class rooms to motivate current batch students.

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